Strategic Plan

Prepared March 5, 2011

The following mission statement was developed by the KWG membership: “The KWG is dedicated to the teaching, advancement, and enjoyment of woodturning.”

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan outlines the major activities or ideas that will allow the KWG to deliver on its mission statement . The first and foremost item on the strategic plan is:

  1.  To improve meeting facilities

A new facility can be accomplished in a number of different ways, for example:

  • Build a new facility
  • Rent a new facility
  • Rework an existing facility

The KWG Executive is currently working toward this objective. The second item on the strategic plan involves the establishment of programmes that allow the KWG members to reach out to each other internally and to reach out to the community externally (‘giving back’).

  1. Develop programmes that promote the KWG internally and externally and that do not require a new facility; programmes that can be started right away.

Examples of programmes can include activities such as:

  • Keep the KWG website up-to-date.
  • Develop a mentor programme (formal and informal) for new members.
  • Make Christmas ornaments in ‘Hands On’.
  • Develop the variety of programmes for the external community, targeting youths and retirees.