DEMO’S – 2023/2024

Sept 2023 – Using epoxy in your woodturning by Dave Bell from the Wellington Waterloo woodturning guild. You can see some of Dave’s work on his website and Facebook pages

Oct 2023 – From the Log to the Lathe by Brent Adamson from KWG. Brent has been an member of KWG for 12 years and has been actively woodturning through that period, as well as helping out the guild with his IT skills. For the demo, Brent will be running through how to successfully process your wood and get it rough turned. You can check out some of Brent’s work on his Facebook page.

Nov 2023 – 2 piece hollow forms by Frank Didomizio from KWG. You can find out more about Frank on his website and Facebook page

End Grain Hollow Form
Side Grain Hollow Form

Dec 2023 – Turning live edge boxes by Sylvia Arsenault from KWG. Sylvia has been woodturning since 2017 and this will be her first demo for our guild. You can find a bit more about Sylvia and the work she does on her Instagram page – SylviaWoodpilerescue.

Jan 2024 – MEETING CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW STORM – Open segmented turning by Claude Drapeau from KWG

Feb 2024 – Heart shaped bowl with carves legs by Jim Williams from KWG. You can find out more about Jim on his website and Facebook page

Mar 2024 – Embellishing your woodturning by Brian Vaughan from the Grey Bruce Woodturners Guild

Apr 2024 – Turning a Platter (Glenn Lucas style) by Michael Pinto from the Woodturners Guild of Ontario (WGO). Michael recently took a class from Glenn Lucas in Ireland and will show us how he learned to turn a platter. Some of Michael’s work can be viewed on Instagram @mwoodturner.

May 2024 – Turning burls by Wyatt Walkem from the Toronto Woodturners Guild (TWG). Wyatt is a full time woodworker and woodturner and has demonstrated for us in the past. You can find more about Wyatt from his website and facebook page.

Jun 2024 – Year End Exhibition – Rules and categories, etc. can be found HERE. Photos of the June 2023 exhibition are on the GALLERIES page

PAST DEMO’S – 2022/2023

 Sept 2022 – Show and Tell

Oct 2022 – Live edge demo by Claude Drapeau from KWG

Nov 2022 – Multi-axis disc shaped vase by Frank DiDomizio from KWG

Dec 2022 – Turning hollow forms by Vince Way Nee from KWG

Jan 2023 – Turning a peppermill by Claude Drapeau from KWG

Feb 2023 – Turning a Mini Hat – Jim Williams from KWG

Mar 2023 – Lotus bowl – Kade Bolger (Durham Woodworkers and WGO)

April 2023 – Kaleidoscope – Carl Durance (Gray Bruce and Simcoe Woodturners Guilds) 

May 2023 – Turning burls – Frank Didomizio from KWG

June 2023 – Year end exhibition – Photos are on the GALLERIES page